TP-Link PowerBank 3350 mAh, LG batteri, microUSB

13566 / TL-PBG3350

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P-Link Vivid Series 3350mAh Power Bank, LG battery cell, 5V 2.4A, 4 stage LED indicator, black
Battery cell is the core component of power bank. Vivid series power banks utilize premium LG battery cells for the premium performance: longer lifespan, Vivid series power banks significantly reduce the battery self-aging helping to maximize the lifespan, most original capacity can be kept after 500 complete charge cycles more available capacity in low temperature, that ensures you a reliable power in cold season; higher power density, Vivid series power banks carry 30% more power in ultra compact size; a safer usage, that other power banks using reused or unqualified battery cells are unable to guarantee.
Powered by TP-LINK's world class circuitry and advanced energy technologies, we minimize the energy loss in charging, conserving the power for when you need it most. So that TL-PBG6700 can fully charge most devices one or more times.
• A Remarkable Ultra Compact Power Bank
• Premium LG Battery Cell
• High Energy Efficiency Rate
• TP-LINK Smart Charging Technology
• Ultra Fast Charging and Recharging Speed
• Completed Safety Features
• Increased Compatibility
Package contents: Vivid Series TL-PBG3350, micro USB cable and user guide.
Dimensions(WxDxH): 26.5x26.5x92.5mm
Weight: 73g


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